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How to Buy, Trade, and Exchange Cryptocurrencies

How to Buy, Trade, and Exchange Cryptocurrencies

How to Buy, Trade, and Exchange Cryptocurrencies
How to Buy, Trade, and Exchange Cryptocurrencies

There is a difference between trading bitcoin trading contracts on a CFD trading platform and buying and selling cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Earn money by trading in the cryptocurrency market, except to make money from trading in the trading arena. This article explains how to buy cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading

The use of a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, to exchange it for another, such as Ethereum, on the basis of buying or selling while using a cryptocurrency exchange, is the essence of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Exchanging cryptocurrency into cryptocurrency, or exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, entails searching for a pair of cryptocurrencies. To complete the exchange cycle and profit from it, the transaction is done twice and in opposite directions.

Trading Venue

On cryptocurrency exchanges, anyone may buy and trade cryptocurrencies. An online form must be completed in order to create a trading account for a trader. Most exchanges have an order book that shows what and where traders buy and sell.

Make deposits and withdrawals when using a cryptocurrency trading platform

Cryptocurrency exchanges usually have two methods of deposit and withdrawal.  Some exchanges (mainly in the US and UK) allow deposits in fiat money or a combination of fiat and cryptocurrency methods.  However, due to the restrictions imposed by banks on such exchanges in managing bank accounts, the bulk of exchanges around the world support crypto-based transaction methods.

The trader must also create a third party cryptocurrency wallet to be used in making deposits if the exchange only takes cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals.  Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are the three cryptocurrencies that are often used for depositing.

One will have to buy BTC, ETH or any other deposit cryptocurrency from third party suppliers and transfer it to their third party wallet in order to deposit funds.  The funds are subsequently transferred from this wallet to the wallet provided by the cryptocurrency exchange for receiving cryptocurrency deposits.  If you decide to use this method, be careful while entering wallet addresses while executing the transaction because any cryptocurrency sent to an incorrect address cannot be retrieved.

The method used to trade cryptocurrency

Once your exchange wallet has been credited, you may trade the pairings that include the deposit currency of your choice to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You won't run out of things to trade on the exchange because BTC and ETH often have the most pairings on all exchanges. You will be able to Buy/Sell your favourite digital coins using Limit orders ('Close at Profit'), Stop Loss orders ('Close at Loss'), or future orders.

Trading CFDs for cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptocurrencies can be done on a speculative basis; often, contracts for difference are used to trade on the values of cryptocurrencies (CFDs). In this case, the trader does not really hold or exchange any actual coins. The procedure entails purchasing or selling contracts in accordance with changes in the underlying cryptocurrency's price.

Where can you trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies?

Trading in bitcoin CFDs takes place on the websites of CFD issuers such as Plus500. The trader has to fill out an online form to create an account. Verification of one's identity and residency is a legal necessity. Only fiat currency can be used to deposit funds into a CFD trading account, with a number of payment options available.

When trading cryptocurrency CFDs, how are deposits and withdrawals made?

Only fiat currency methods are accepted by brokers who provide CFDs on cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. As a result, using bank wire alternatives, credit/debit cards, and/or e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller for transactions on these platforms will be prevalent. Anonymous fundraising is not authorized; funds must be transmitted from sources with the account holder's name. Payment options from outside parties are also prohibited. There are transactional caps for each deposit channel. Bank transfers typically allow for unlimited deposits and withdrawals, but the CFD provider may place restrictions on bank cards and e-wallets.

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The Method of Trading CFDs on Cryptocurrencies

You can trade bitcoin CFDs in both directions after funding your CFD trading account using one of the deposit methods specified on the provider's website or trading platform. Alternatively, you may profit from decreasing prices by selling high and leaving cheap, or you can profit from increasing prices by purchasing low and selling high. If market prices go against you, positions would close out at a loss. You have two options for trading: at the current price or by using the future order's feature to trade when the instrument reaches a particular price.


You have two options to participate in the cryptocurrency market: trade cryptocurrency contracts on the online CFD platform, or buy and sell on a cryptocurrency exchange.