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what is the difference between wordpress com and wordpress org

what is the difference between wordpress com and wordpress org

Although WordPress is the most widely used platform for building websites, many new users are still unclear about the distinction between WordPress-com and WordPress org.

WordPress, formerly known as Content Management System (CMS) software, provides a range of services to web designers, enabling them to build real estate websites, WordPress multi-site networks, and news blogs.

And some of them utilize the software as a foundation for developing scripts that offer certain services, including gaming sites and commercial websites.

The main distinction between them is that WordPress,com is the best spot for you to build a free website without incurring any expenses after you've finished the signup procedure on their website.

However, WordPress org offers a self-hosted, downloadable application that gives you complete control over every aspect of your website.

Over 27% of websites currently utilize it, making it the software of choice for blogging pros worldwide.

To assist you in making the decision that is best for your requirements, I will go into further depth about the key distinctions between WordPress com and WordPress org.

what is the difference between wordpress com and wordpress org
the difference between wordpress com and wordpress org

What is WordPress org, first of all?

Many major websites, including BBC, Facebook, and others, utilize the free and open source software known as WordPress org, which is also the name of the domain (domain).

When you sign up for hosting with Bluehost, they provide you a domain name and SSL certificate for free. WordPress may also be set up on a PC.

Benefits of utilizing WordPress org include:

- No cost and simple to use.
- You can enact your own laws; there is no legislation that can restrict or shut down your website for any reason. The whole content of your website is your own property.
- To manage your website, you may upload your own plugins or choose from a range of free and premium WordPress plugins.
- You may add free or premium WordPress themes, as well as build and edit your website to suit your needs.
- Check out the top WordPress themes that work with Beaver Builder.
- The most crucial thing is to monetize your website without sharing revenues with a third party by placing advertising.
- To monitor visitor traffic to your website or the Monarch website, you may use a variety of analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.
- By integrating WooCommerce, WordPress org may be used to start constructing a free online store for selling tangible or digital technological goods.
- You may create a whole community around your website or blog, much like a social media forum.
- You can set up paid membership subscriptions when premium material or whole courses are offered.

disadvantages to utilizing wordpress org include:

The program has the disadvantage of needing a location or server known as the hostname and domain name where your website is loaded, even though it provides you with all the advantages of a website and blog for free.

- Costs start at about $3 to $10 per month.
- As your website grows and attracts more visitors and followers, the cost each month might rise to hundreds of dollars.
- WordPress has to be manually updated, and you must monitor changes.
- Use a framework or attractive theme created by a huge working group like Genesis rather than a free theme because your site may need to be modified depending on circumstances.
- To avoid any issues or data loss, you should pay close attention and regularly backup your website or blog.
- Your website must be secure in order for you to state that you can control your complete website online.
- In general, prices and drawbacks fluctuate once a website is established; you might need to provide quality hosting, plugins, and premium WordPress themes, and expenses will change based on your needs and the specifics of the website you are constructing.

 what is WordPress com

The multisite WordPress script is installed on this website, which has the same name as above. This software enables you to construct a free website or blog on your hosting and provides you with a subdomain like

The website provides certain premium plans to add some paid services because it is aware that the features of the free package are restricted. These plans are as follows:

- Blogger Package $3 monthly
- $5 per month personally
- Enhanced Plan $25 Ecommerce Packages for $8 
- Companies $45/month
- Visit their website to contrast the characteristics of the different plans.

Features of WordPress

- Offers up to 3 GB of space for your website before switching to a premium plan.
- No need to be concerned about backups and upgrades.
- provides free hosting and subdomains.
- blog is the domain extension for the blogger plan. Drawbacks

- You must upgrade to a premium plan in order to eliminate adverts from your website or blog because they are not profitable for you.

- The only way around this is to use the WordAds system to split your profits with them when you have a lot of visitors. You cannot sell ad space on your website.

- You cannot upload add-ons to your website, but you can still use it to receive some basic automated add-ons.
- You only get a small selection of templates from WordPress com, and you aren't allowed to utilize any of the ones included in the free package.

- The only way to view statistics given by WordPress com is to add Jetpack; you cannot utilize analytics software like Google Analytics.

- The site administrator may delete your site if you break one of their laws.

All pages include the Powered By WordPress com link, which can only be removed by upgrading to an enterprise system.

- Online stores can only be created after promotions - These plans do not allow you to add paid or free memberships to your website.
- The flexibility and capabilities of building a website or blog on WordPress com will thus be constrained, and you won't be able to create your own website.
- Despite being beneficial for novices, it is expensive.

Is WordPress com more secure than WordPress org Why?

Since WordPress com is a closed system hosted by a business, it is by nature more secure. WordPress org may be made even more safe, but doing so takes a few setup steps, secure web hosting, and security plugins. Though easier than with WordPress com, it requires more labor.

An overview of the differences between WordPress com and WordPress org

WordPress com:

It is excellent for novices because it offers a fantastic atmosphere to educate and grow the performance of their website or blog without spending a lot of money. In addition, it is a cheap cost system and they will regularly get updates. Lack of features like templates or assistance, as well as features that cater to the needs of website owners and bloggers, makes it unsuitable for professionals.

Aside from moving to a commercial system, you are never able to edit templates in the free version, add paid advertisements, create an online store, or shift subdomains.

WordPress org

It is the software of choice for the majority of bloggers and is present on more than 27% of all websites in the globe. Because the script provides you the freedom to develop and change your website, it is appropriate for experts and professional website owners. But you also need to get a domain name, an SSL certificate, and join a reputable web hosting service.

The WordPress shop offers dozens of plugins and templates that you can use for free or pay a fee, as well as the option to change and keep them all in your database, so you can finally make a professional WordPress site at a low cost.

You have total discretion over the domain name of your website, the model, and the option to include sponsored advertisements to generate revenue. Additionally, you may use the WooCommerce plugin to construct your online store. To learn more about all the capabilities, go to

Can a site be transferred to

If new visitors initially like WordPress, the site owner may wish to leave as the site expands and the amount of material increases.

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